Buccanner Days at Catalina Island
October  3 & 4
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American Pride offers the ideal platform for team building and development.  Life aboard a traditional sailing vessel requires cooperative efforts above and beyond that of the average office environment. Working together on a day long sail, a team is born, camaraderie is the norm and people come together as an effective working unit.


Imagine the thrill of sailing a tall ship thru the spirit of cooperation, shared vision, flexibility, and speed of response required of crew members hundreds of years ago which mirror the key success factors of the business world of today. Now, imagine your very own work team participation in an exciting team building adventure, sailing the American Pride, a 3-masted historic schooner, through the waters of Southern California.

Sailing a tall ship is ideal way to develop personal leadership and team building skill. It also provides a unique opportunity to enhance your sense of team cohesion and reflect on the real challenges your business faces in the months ahead.

The Children's Maritime Foundation has created a very unique team learning experience aboard the American Pride that will challenge your team members to work in harmony with others in confined conditions, to utilize one another's diverse strengths, and respond to the unusual, unpredictable, and sometimes challenging conditions of the marine environment. Your team will learn to set realistic expectations, communicate effectively, make quick decisions, delegate responsibility, coach one another on improved performance, and manage conflict productively. We will work with you to design a one-day adventure program that achieves your team goals and addressed your key business objectives. A simple meal or a full spred can be arranged.

For a more unique sailing experience include an extra day to sail to Catalina Island.

Previous sailing experience is not required and all sleeping accommodations and meals are provided aboard the American Pride.