Buccanner Days at Catalina Island
October  3 & 4
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Buccaneer Days
Catalina Island

A two day trip to Two Harbors aboard the Tallship American Pride.

$195 pp

What's included:

  • Transportation from Long Beach to the island. 
  • Accommodations aboard ship on Pullman style bunk beds. 
  • All meals aboard the ship.
    *Saturday night BBQ on shore. 
  • Kayaking 
  • Swimming 
  • Sodas and Water provided on the ship. 
  • A Fun Time. 
  • Firing our cannons!!!!!!!!!!! 

What's not included:

  • Alcohol, but bring your own and we supply the ice 
  • Transportation from the ship to the Island.
    * Shore boats run from our anchorage to and from the pier ($6 each way per person) all day and night.  
  • Costumes- Don't forget! *No real swords or guns are allowed, they will be confiscated at Two Harbors. 
  • Entrance Fee to the event collected at the Pier, or on the Two Harbors web site.
  • Crew Gratuity. 


This chant echoes through the coves and over the hills of Catalina Island's Two Harbors the first of October each year like the sound of cannons thundering on the high seas back in the 1800s.

Except that here there's nothing to plunder, aside from other party boats and the bar.
Video from Buccaneer Days 2009.

And plunder the people do, for two to three days during the annual ritual knows as Buccaneer Days. Everyone is dressed in pirate costumes and the booty they seek is not gold, silk or other treasures. It's rum, wild times and hanging with other modern-day buccaneers, whose attire ranges from incredible thousand-dollar-plus full-decked outfits to bandits sporting bandana's, eye patches and brandishing plastic swords. Arrrrg!

They motor around the harbor on dinghy's, kayaks or canoes. Most of the time, with cocktail in hand, they are headed to pillage drinks from other boats. It's a spirited environment where cocktails are at the ready as readily as a sword or pistol was for the real pirates.

On shore, entertainment awaits at the single bar, which is no more than a wooden deck. It's attached to the only restaurant, called the Harbor Reef. A band plays on a small stage, people dance under the stars, get drunk at the plastic tables or crowd around the bar with friends and fellow pirates.


   Capturing the booty – Buccaneer Days is fun for pirates and wenches.


The party is a bounty of beautiful wenches and pirates on the prowl.


Actually, there is second bar at the back of the Harbor Reef, which offers a bit of relief from the crowded outer bar. Day and night the deck is packed, as is the surrounding area. The more the merrier!?

While Buccaneer Days can last up to five days – diehards arrive Wednesday and may not leave until Monday – it's pretty much a weekend affair. The big day is Saturday. It has a few small activates but the action is at the bar. The pirating begins around noon and lasts until late at night. The costume contest is not until 9 p. m., which makes for some "spirited" competition – thanks to the liquid spirits. A band plays all day, the bar deck is swayin' and beautiful "wenches" serve up navy grog from a portable drink stand. Arrrrg!